Digital Marketing Strategic Planning

Digital Marketing Planning

Once we’ve done all our research, analysis, and scoring, we put our knowledge to work for you. Together, we’ll come up with an implementation plan with a practical focus on efforts that deliver the strongest and fastest results.

Prioritize Action Planning

Prioritized Action Items

We turn understanding into action with a prioritized list of high-value items based on our scoring algorithms.

We will review each action item with you, discuss the pros and cons of implementation, and decide on an approach that will deliver the best results.

  • Recommendations for what needs to be done first
  • Scoring based on projected results
  • Detailed time & cost estimates
Marketing Budget Strategy

Budget-Sensitive Marketing Strategy

We determine the ideal marketing mix for your business based on your budget.

We won’t come up with impractical, pie-in-the-sky plans; we’ll develop a realistic, workable strategy that gets results and maximizes your marketing investment.

  • Budget review and recommendations
  • Projected costs and suggested allocations
  • Multiple scenario review
Flexible Marketing Implementation

Flexible Execution

Once we have a plan in place, the next step is up to you.

We can take the lead or follow your direction, tackle several action items at once or one by one as your budget allows. We can even divide up the load—whatever works for you.

  • Consultation and support on an as-needed basis
  • Regular strategy reviews and performance updates
  • Ongoing marketing retainers

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